"We only partner with the very best"
Our role is to create and enable a sustainable professional and commercial environment which provides:
Clients with reliable solutions and services.
Deliver high performance and meaningful value to every engagement.
Alliance Partners with a transparent operating environment.
Ensures honest, respectful treatment and a fair and equitable return to all parties.
Remain independent, objective and transparent in reporting interests or potential conflicts.
Great alliances…
...have been a key element of our professional and commercial success for over 20 years and we have shared many of our outstanding business achievements with alliance partners. We are very clear, however, that our alliance partners must share our values and that relationships need to be based on integrity and mutual respect, combined with recognition that there is an expectation of reciprocity.
Our commitment…
...when we undertake the role of Prime Contractor and Systems Integrators we commit to conducting ourselves in a highly professional and ethical manner, at all times. We unequivocally expect the same from our alliance partners. The aim of our Professional Alliance Charter is to outline the principles on which we engage as a Prime Contractor and Systems Integrator.
Our 12 key Principles…
...are fully compliant with the best-practice outlined in the ISO11000 standard for Collaborative Business Relationships. To view the 12 Key Principles to which we hold ourselves, and our alliance partners, please download the file to the right.