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Integrity and Client Satisfaction

Integrity could be seen in short supply if you pay any attention to the business pages in the press and on TV. A Commonwealth integrity Commission, sackings via text message, Fair Work investigations are all at odds with most companies’ avowed value statements. But what does integrity have to do with client satisfaction?


In the case of Informed Solutions, quite a lot, as our annual Client Satisfaction Review explores with clients what is important to them as well as how we perform on those key dimensions. The results of the recent Review saw “Integrity” ranked #1 for Importance – ahead of “Excellence” and “Innovation”.

In our daily business relationships, Integrity breaks down into attitudes and behaviours, such as whether our business advice and communications are honest and impartial. As a brand and technology-agnostic business, we’d hope to be strong here but it’s also about whether clients feel a consistent and transparent focus on their requirements is at the heart of our work. The absence of sales staff and revenue-related bonus schemes here help to keep Informed Solutions staff focused on the client relationship, not on driving up revenues to hit internal sales KPIs.  And the responses from clients confirmed that we deliver consistently on these aspects of Integrity.

One client said “We’ve never felt pushed in a particular direction, including driving up your fee income.” and another commented “You’re a commercial organisation, so you need to make a profit but I’ve never detected a whiff of anything partial or dishonest about Informed.”  A third, relatively new client, recognised the real benefits of our impartial and client-focused approach would become clearer as the relationship develops: “We will only truly understand the importance of this as time goes by”.

Other dimensions of Integrity include whether pragmatic and achievable solutions for a client’s requirements are agreed and delivered and whether our professional relationship is characterised by genuine collaboration and partnership.  We got resounding endorsements from clients on all these, too.

One client for whom we had performed a key governance role navigating a project to a successful conclusion, which included complex supplier relationship dynamics, said: “The project was on a critical path and there were a lot of internal stakeholders looking at it, but I had the confidence that I could walk away and leave you and the suppliers to get on with it”.  Another simply attested that she and her team felt Informed Solutions was “working for and with us”.

So, parts of the wider business landscape may paint a poor picture of integrity in practice, however, our clients confirmed in the recent Client Satisfaction Review that they experience something different.  And of that, we are very proud.

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