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UNSW Diversity Showcase

Informed Solutions is Proud to take part in the UNSW Diversity Showcase.

“Employing a diverse workforce allows us to broaden horizons, challenge social norms and think outside of the box; ultimately, driving innovation by blending perspectives and opinions to deliver world-class solutions and a second dimension of value”

Anthony Boustani, Informed Solutions

Informed Solutions was pleased to take part in the University of New South Wales diversity showcase.  Guest speakers representing a broad range of diversity groups (LGBTIQ+, Indigenous, cultural minority, disability, equity and female in underrepresented industries) provided their insights into the benefits of diverse workplaces and, equally, the challenges to achieve them.   

The advantages of a diverse workforce have, arguably, long been overlooked. Consider for a minute; the talent pool, language skills, cultural perspective, and out-of-box thinking that comes from bringing together people from diverse backgrounds, experiences, perspectives and opinions.   Speakers argued in support of a ‘second dimension of value’ that diversity brings to businesses: connecting with previously under-engaged groups who bring with their experience fresh and different perspectives. For example, insights regarding best practice for inclusive design and development of user focused digital products and services.

Informed Solutions have long been champions for women in IT, working to remove the barriers, casual prejudices and cultural resistance traditionally faced by women in underrepresented industries. Events such as the UNSW diversity Showcase make the point that this is equally important across a range of diverse groups. The UNSW Diversity Showcase is testament to a positive shift towards true diversity within the Australian workforce.  

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