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Informed Solutions Supports Australia - UK Free Trade Agreement Talks

Informed Solutions was invited to support the Australia - United Kingdom Chamber of Commerce, The Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade and the Department for International Trade as Australia and the UK strive for a modern free trade agreement.

In supporting both Australian and UK Governments and the Australia United Kingdom Chamber of Commerce, Informed Solutions Group CEO Elizabeth Vega gives her thoughts:

Our hopes for an Australia – United Kingdom Free Trade Agreement

“We need to do everything we can to achieve a win-win for the UK and Australia that allows the free flow of investment, ideas, know-how and talent.  Our own experience of trading across both nations has been that the virtues and benefits of friendly trading are powerful.  It challenges friendly trading nations to work together to become more globally competitive, resilient, adaptive and collaborative because trading creates local partnerships, shared ambitions and reciprocal investment and value-added benefits from investment in innovation, skills and talent development.

“Working across both the Australian and UK markets has strengthened our corporate culture and governance in many ways.  It’s matured and made our operating model more resilient and scalable.  We’re regularly tested by new ideas and needing to find solutions to new requirements and we emerge from those challenges more adaptable and flexible in our thinking, design approach and how we build solutions.

“It’s has also very significantly opened up learning opportunities for all our people.  Our entrepreneurial approach has been strengthened by our people’s understanding of the differences in societal and business culture, embracing new opportunities for innovation, different forms of partnering, and appreciating alternative ways of delivering into different types of customers and marketplaces.  A UK – Australian FTA really has the potential to be a strategic win-win for both nations and this excites us”.

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