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Giving graduates a voice in a competitive corporate world

As a recent graduate, I’m familiar with finishing university and feeling a little unprepared to leave the comfort zone of education. With lots of qualifications but little business experience, I was unsure how to start my career – until I started working with Informed Solutions.

Thousands of young professionals graduate from university each year and, on trying to kick off their career, encounter the seemingly inescapable cycle of needing experience to get a job while needing a job to get experience.

I know it’s a disheartening situation to be in, and it can create disillusionment and frustration for graduates who have an expensive degree and, in the eyes of many big businesses, no credibility.

This is a problem.

As a nation with a deficit in digital skills and a highly indebted generation of young workers, it’s vital that businesses recognise the enormous potential of those fresh out of university, and invest in training to make the most of their skills and abilities.


Winter Conference 2018

The graduate group sharing achievements at our annual Winter Conference 

The solution:

Informed Solutions are well aware of this problem and, as award-winners in innovation, they prioritise investment in talented graduates to enrich their skills, providing them with the coaching they need to understand and unlock their potential.

To practice what they preach and deliver this essential upskilling, the people at Informed are provided with a supportive learning culture, a suite of tailored training courses and a successful skills outreach programme, which support graduates like myself from their very first day.


Accredited training and upskilling with InformedACADEMY©.

In our increasingly competitive market place, there’s a temptation for businesses to adopt a short-termist model of buying in ‘ready-made’ skills rather than investing time and money into coaching, support and training.  Informed operates differently, advocating investment in bright, passionate and committed people to strengthen our working culture and build digital skills for the future.

Providing our people with an inclusive curriculum of skills and certifications through InformedACADEMY©, I’ve found that Informed Solutions fosters an environment of continuous learning where everyone is supported in improving their professional profile alongside involvement in pioneering digital projects.




A vibrant graduate community and a culture of support.

Our ever expanding graduate group maintains a brilliant active network, which involves regular socials and provides a collaborative community for support. We have a good time together, both within work and outside of it; there are plenty of us, and we make a great team.

Our peer-led Graduate Initiatives are kept fresh and relevant – we’re currently working on our Charities Initiative, Skills Outreach, Social Planning and Masterclasses. Participation is optional, but offers the opportunity for people to get involved in an interest outside of regular work and contribute to a cause they are excited about.


Christmas Jumper Day 2018

Christmas Jumper Day - Our graduate-led initiative to raise money and awareness for Save the Children UK on national Christmas Jumper Day


Finding and developing future talent.

The UK is currently struggling with a digital skills deficit: leading organisations in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) industries are having difficulty hiring people with the necessary skills. With the capability to upskill individuals and provide a platform for learning, Informed strives to show graduates the value of their STEM education and how they can make the most of it.

This involves challenging the common perception that a career in IT means coding; I’ve learned that people with backgrounds in business, arts and languages have just as much to add to technology, bringing new thinking and perspectives into the teams, and can build highly valued skills and careers in areas like delivery management, user research, user experience and content design. 

To try and get our message out there, we regularly attend university open-days, careers fairs and schools to talk to young people considering a career in technology, promoting the range of opportunities that different qualifications bring and demonstrating to young professionals the wide range of potential career paths available.


STEMfair Leeds


We can also provide undergraduates with the valuable experience they’ll inevitably need when they leave university, and offer students a year of fully paid, hands-on working experience, supported with regular appraisals, formal training and masterclasses.


Being a placement student at Informed means being able to feel like an equal member of team, the technical work is no different to anyone else and you really feel like you’re playing a big role in something important.

Kate Johnson, Placement Student from The University of York

As a placement student at Informed, I’ve been given the opportunity to diversify my knowledge and work on numerous large-scale revolutionary projects. Working at Informed has allowed me to see what a career in digital consultancy entails first-hand, and I feel more prepared for the world of work because of it.

Sam Jones, Placement Student from The University of York

Personally, it’s a relief to have found a company willing to invest in their young starters in this way – I finished university with a degree in English Language and Linguistics and a sinking feeling…  Now I’m learning business management,  bid management, leadership skills, website content and interaction design, team coordination and digital marketing – to name a few.

The attitude at Informed is one of total inclusiveness and support, where opportunities for further learning and qualification are created, and integrity and intelligence are valued as fundamental factors in your professional potential.

For further information about our graduate programme, click here.


By Lisa Latham, Graduate Associate

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