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From the civil service to Informed and back again

Our BCS colleague, Ben Pollock, reflects on his time at Informed Solutions as he returns to the UK civil service.

By Ben Pollock, (former) Business and Client Services, LinkedIn

Today marks my last day at Informed Solutions. But no tears please – this is a happy story with an optimistic ending!

I joined the team at Informed in April of this year. As a current civil servant on a career break to study on the MSc International Disaster Management at the University of Manchester, I probably don’t fit the profile of a standard placement intern. Yet I ask why we box ourselves into such stereotypes. Valuable skills and invaluable experiences can be learnt and practiced in roles of all shapes and sizes – the key is to apply yourself to the task, engage your colleagues, show leadership through your actions and, perhaps most importantly, to be true to yourself. Here at Informed all of these are enshrined in the values of Excellence, Integrity, and Innovation. Thus, since I was already on a break from my government role, spending time at Informed was a great opportunity to jump the fence and experience life in the private sector.

So, what have I been up to? As part of the Business and Client Services team, I’ve managed three interesting areas of work: communications, social value reporting, and reporting on client satisfaction. First up was analysis of the results of the company’s recent Client Satisfaction survey programme. The feedback from clients was consistently positive and some really interesting messages came through. Together with Elizabeth Vega (Group Chief Executive Officer) and our in-house graphics design team, we’ve created an infographic that details the ‘client journey’. We’re really proud of it so please do take a look.

Elizabeth Vega, Group Chief Executive Officer at Informed Solutions. LinkedIn profile

The other major project I’ve led in my time at Informed is the set-up of the company’s Social Value reporting system. Through the InformedACADEMY©, charitable initiatives, education outreach, and much more, Informed Solutions takes its impact on society seriously. Yet, as is the case for many small businesses that ‘do good’, the challenge is working out how to communicate these activities. So, a big part of my role was establishing a series of methods to measure the social value generated by Informed Solutions, in line with the recent government consultation on social value in government purchasing processes. At its heart this has involved creating a report to be used in a variety of internal initiatives, processes, and for presentation to the Board. Also, the creation of a formal reporting programme has highlighted some areas of improvement in business processes – so the benefits extend beyond the mere collection of data.

Last but certainly not least, Informed has harnessed my passion for making communication meaningful, impactful, and clear. By working closely with colleagues across the company we have increased the quantity of content published on the Informed website and social media platforms, to give a deeper insight into the projects and work that is undertaken here. Do take a look at the News & Events and Blog pages of the website, and the Informed Twitter and LinkedIn pages, for yourself. All feedback will be gratefully received.

So, my time at Informed is coming to a close and I will soon return to government. Despite the difference in ‘sector’, really we are all driven by the same idea: if we listen purposefully and openly to one another, invest in ourselves and our communities, and communicate in a clear and impactful way, together we can enact the change (or stability) that we all work to achieve every day. As my leaving gift so aptly says: “anyone can be cool, but awesome takes practice.” I thank my colleagues at Informed Solutions for the opportunity to work with them and wish everyone the very best for the future.

Head to the Careers page of the Informed website for more information about Placement opportunities, and about the Graduate programme and Experienced Hire positions available.






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