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We’re young professionals: making a real difference to real people is very satisfying

As an English Language and Linguistics graduate with a Master’s degree in Business, a career in technology was never something I saw on my horizon. If someone had told me a few years ago that I’d be working in IT, I would never have believed them.

By Hope Bristow, Delivery Management team

Having been fortunate to grow up in a time where technology has surrounded me, I’ve never been someone to shy away from it – but I’d never seen a line of code for most of my life, and didn’t believe it was the career for me.

Working at Informed has opened my eyes to so many parts of the IT industry that I never knew existed, confronting the misconceptions I had about what a job in IT might look like.

Informed has helped me to discover new strengths and use my natural skills to my advantage: with the opportunity to try different roles and receive training from my experienced colleagues, I’ve found a real passion for User Research and User Experience. These roles connect you with all the different users of the systems that we build; it’s your job to be a voice for those people, understanding their needs and abilities to ensure that they are always at the centre of the design process.


It is really satisfying to help design and build systems that are the best they can be for the people who will use them.

Informed are committed to delivering technology for good, and the projects we undertake give me the opportunity to use my skills in a way that benefits the lives of everyday people.

To any graduate, I’d say that it’s never too late to open the door to a career in technology. There are many pathways into the IT industry, and there is far more to it than just writing code. All you need is passion, integrity and a supportive environment – and if you want a job that involves really making a difference, then a career at Informed might just be for you.


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