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Becoming Informed - Continued professional development

Thinking about opportunities as a professional software programmer? Two years into his career at Informed Solutions, Thomas Stokes shares his insights and experiences from the UK’s leading Python programming conference - PyConUK 2019.

Thomas Stokes, Graduate Associate, Project Services

Last month marked the 2019 edition of PyConUK – a conference revolving around the Python programming language. I, among seven hundred other ‘Pythonistas’ descended upon Cardiff, eager to get a low-down on the latest and greatest in the Python space.

Why Python, specifically?

Is it distinguishable from the myriad of other languages knocking around? Of course! Python is the fastest-growing major programming language, having established itself as a cross-domain, full-spectrum language; from full-stack web development, to data science to microprocessors, Python can be found in various guises. Not only that, Python’s core philosophy of simplicity and readability places it as a great ‘first language’ for anyone looking to delve into programming. It’s not often you will find career academics and “Hello, World!” newcomers in the same room!

Given its near-universal range of problem-solving capability, it should be no surprise that Python is very popular among our clients at Informed Solutions. Be it central government, logistics or healthcare, Python features heavily in many of our bespoke solutions’ technology stacks.

PyConUK gave me the opportunity to rub shoulders with fellow professionals using Python. In offering an extensive variety of talks, hands-on session and social events, I was able to listen to, work alongside, and share thoughts with fellow professionals, all equally excited by everything Python. It was a hugely edifying experience to soak up such a wealth of ideas. These included, but are not limited to:

  • Best practices in software engineering
  • Communicating complex concepts to peers, and
  • Solving ‘big’ problems at scale, beyond that of the purely technical.

The whole experience dovetails very nicely with my personal development programme here at Informed – the company is committed to allowing graduates to broaden their horizons and to pursue a path that best suits an individual’s respective interests and passions.

It’s also through a culture of learning at Informed that I am able to disseminate all my new-found wisdom among my colleagues, either through the company’s communities of practice, which have been specially set up to deliver continual professional development through practical exercises and applied learning, or during hands-on client project work.

The future looks very Python indeed.

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