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Minister launches our new website

We are delighted to unveil our new global website following its ceremonial launch this week by Cabinet Office Minister Oliver Dowden MP.

The new website offers a more user friendly way of presenting news, thought leaders updates, an outline of our global capabilities, key achievements and also insights from our own people about what it’s like to work at Informed.  We empowered our own staff, from placement students and graduates to seasoned digital design experts, to collectively redesign the website and content, so that it authentically represents the look, feel and culture of Informed.

Among the new features is a digital chronology of our history, with key milestones over the last 25-years.  This charts our development, from when we were founded in 1992 to highlighting digital first achievements; such as being the first company to commercially put maps on mobile phones and deliver the first secure cloud-based service for UK government.  It also acknowledges a number of prestigious industry awards that great clients and our people’s hard work have enabled us to win along the way.

The website was ceremonially launched by Cabinet Office Minister Oliver Dowden MP, when he visited our Altrincham headquarters this week.  Assisting the Minister were two of Informed’ s outstanding young women in tech, who had key roles in the delivery of the new website; Hannah Broadhurst (Business and Client Services team) and Shannon Donoghue (Project Delivery Management team).

Commenting on the launch, Informed Solutions Global CEO Elizabeth Vega said she wanted to thank everyone that had worked so hard to get the new website completed.

“I believe wholeheartedly in the power of team working, and a lot of our people worked really hard and smart to do this fantastic job,” she said. “It gives a richer and authentic insight into our work and workplace.  Our people are also really proud of Informed’s 25 year heritage and thought it very important to convey the journey we’ve been on as a digital experience.

“We’re looking to boost engagement across our digital platforms as we further scale-up the business, so we listened to what people wanted from our website; doing our best to resolve opinions that often converged but predictably sometimes conflicted.  The site is now a lot easier to navigate, has a more intuitive layout and a fresh new look.  We hope people like it.”


Minister Oliver Dowden officially launching

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