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NHS patient safety project shortlisted for Digital Team of the Year

The NHS National Patient Safety Team and their digital partners, Informed Solutions, have been shortlisted for this year’s Digital Team of the Year award for a groundbreaking project to transform patient safety.

The team are delivering a new service to support better learning from things that go wrong in healthcare and make the NHS the safest healthcare system in the world.

It replaces two current systems, which manage 70 million transactions and generate over two million reports a year. At present, only a small percentage of these can be properly analysed manually, however by using AI and machine learning the new system will track every report to create valuable insights that can save lives.


"Millions of people use the NHS every year and we’re passionate about information systems that improve people’s lives"

The new Patient Safety Incident Management System represents an extremely ambitious step change and, in sucessfully delivering the Alpha phase, the team has already engaged with over a thousand NHS staff, as well as national policy-makers, patients and members of the public.  In this way, they've developed a diverse network of nearly 1,500 engaged users to build momentum and readiness for national scale change.  The team has also secured the support of some of the most senior people in the NHS. 

Our team is one of the top national projects to be shortlisted in this year’s Digital Leaders’ ‘Digital Team of the Year’ category for demonstrating an exceptional digital culture and impact. The winner will be announced at the Digital Leaders 100 Awards Dinner in London on 21 June.

Commenting on being shortlisted for this prestigious award, Informed Solutions’ Global CEO Elizabeth Vega said it was a great honour.

“It’s fantastic to be included in such great company,” she said. “With the NHS recently celebrating its 70th birthday and being the 5th largest organisation in the world, we know it faces unprecedented challenges.  We're very excited at the work we’re doing together, to better use technology to meet growing pressures on NHS staff, services and budgets and to unlock the potential of big data and AI to drive up safety standards and improve the patient experience.

“Millions of people use the NHS every year and we’re passionate about information systems that improve people’s lives.  The new system will use data and insights to create a pioneering safety and learning culture in the NHS that better protects patients from avoidable harm.  I’m very proud that Informed Solutions is part of achieving that.”




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