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Group CEO Elizabeth Vega launches global skills initiative, InformedACADEMY©

At the recent Queen’s Award presentation, Group CEO Elizabeth Vega launched our new global skills initiative, InformedACADEMY©, representing the next generation of our talent development framework which is the culmination of over 25 years of developing and championing skills development.

InformedACADEMY© is a development programme that helps our people, clients and those in education build the insights, skills and capability they need to be successful and to stay ahead in a rapidly changing digital world.  The approach is rooted in the Company’s ambition to help people be the best that they can be – great to work with, great to work for.  The programme helps people know their strengths, build confidence, and collaborate effectively within diverse teams; supported by tailored training, coaching and mentoring.  Our people are actively supported in building the capabilities that they need to deliver against the company’s core values of Innovation, Excellence and Integrity in all that we do.

Since launching the company over 25 years ago, Elizabeth has worked tirelessly to champion skills development, inclusivity and diversity, providing placement students, graduates and experienced professionals with the opportunity to build self-awareness and skills, as well as re-train if they wish, in a rapidly changing and increasingly data and digital driven workplace.  Commenting on the success of InformedACADEMY©, Elizabeth said,

“The care and investment we make in our people cultivates a supportive learning environment which enables everyone to play to their personal strengths whilst ensuring that their skills remain relevant to the evolving nature of their jobs.

“We have a strong tradition of building relationships with schools and universities, comprising outreach sessions, job interview rehearsals, mentoring, guest lectures and internships in the business.  These links with the education sector have now been incorporated into the InformedACADEMY©, and I look forward to seeing the benefits of extending the initiative into our academic alliances programme.”


Bhavesh Patel, a graduate technical consultant, reflects on the launch of InformedACADEMY© as an opportunity for further learning:

“I’m a recent graduate, with lots of qualifications but little business experience. InformedACADEMY© complements the on-the-job skills transfer that I receive from senior colleagues with Masterclasses, training, personal coaching, and the opportunity to share learning and experiences with peers through the company’s Communities of Practice.”

Similarly, Annabel Sunnucks also offered her views as a graduate recruit in the company’s Project Management hub:

“InformedACADEMY© is a brilliant programme that offers me vital training in business change, collaborative working and leadership, alongside developing my delivery management skills.  I’m planning to achieve further qualifications and attend certified training courses, while taking the opportunity to experience different clients and types of projects, as well as the various business improvement initiatives that run each year within Informed’s own business.”


Elizabeth smiles warmly when she hears the feedback from Bhavesh and Annabel, saying:

“Everyone that I have ever met wants to succeed.  Some people have a better idea than others about where to start their professional journey and how to go about it.  Our strategy and ambition for InformedACADEMY© is that people don’t fear change or fear for their jobs in an increasingly digital workplace.  If we invest in our people, help them discover the foundations of their personal strengths, learn relevant skills, build capability and confidence, then the changing workplace is where you find new and exciting opportunities.” 

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