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Java Bootcamp for Graduate Recruits

For Informed Solutions’ recent intake of graduate recruits, 2019 started with a Java Bootcamp in 2 blocks, finishing in February, on best-practice software engineering for Object Oriented languages as part of the company’s InformedACADEMY personal development framework.


First launched in 1990, Java is regarded by many as an ideal development language for teaching the basics of good programming, providing a good grounding in the foundations of programming concepts, structures and terminology.  The Bootcamp provided a focussed and thorough examination of Java and programming concepts, led by an industry expert with a clear passion for their subject and decades of experience.

The 2-week Bootcamp was scheduled to help new recruits from all backgrounds and with different levels of experience to establish a common understanding of programming, software engineering practices and solving practical problems with Code.  Whilst not all of our graduates will choose to pursue a career in software development, Informed Solutions feel that building a foundation understanding will stand them in good stead for any role in a digital delivery team, helping them appreciate the role of more technical team-mates and building a shared understanding of the language and concepts involved.  On being given the chance to attend the Bootcamp, one of our graduates noted:

Java hasn’t been part of my role but it’s a huge benefit to be able to increase my understanding of development and programming by getting to know the principles of Object Orientation from which so many programming languages and technologies have developed.

The course helped join up elements I’d been aware of and added a lot of new insights. I look forward to applying what I’ve learned as I move forward in my role, hopefully allowing me to have more valuable input to project areas which I wouldn’t be able to do prior to this course.

The 2 week Bootcamp, part of the InformedACADEMY development programme, finished with a 2-day practical assignment to bring together learnings and apply these to an interesting real-life challenge, e.g. create an online Library, before the team returned to project work.  Reflecting on her experience through the course, a recent graduate explained:

As I develop in my role, I’m going to be more involved in maintaining and enhancing existing software, which has often been developed by more experienced team members. Learning the core design principles and concepts that are applied amongst our team, and globally, helps me to ensure that these are maintained as we continually work to improve our systems for our valued clients.

For details of Informed Solutions’ graduate recruitment programme, go to:

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