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Informed pitches solution for government at techUK Innovation Den

At the recent techUK Innovation Den, Informed Solutions’ UK CEO Seth Finegan demonstrated the value for the public sector of conducting an Interoperability Discovery project to effectively tackle barriers to public sector data sharing.

This article was originally published by techUK. Informed Solutions is a member of techUK, who run the Innovation Den programme where small businesses have the opportunity to pitch their ideas to buyers from central and local government, and large suppliers seeking partners.

techUK: Tell us about Informed Solutions and the work you do in the public sector

Seth: Informed Solutions is a leading independent provider of digital transformation, technology, data analytics and systems integration services. We develop innovative strategies and high performing solutions to solve complex business and safety critical problems, particularly where place, location or geography are important.

Recent projects have included working to overhaul how the NHS collects and analyses information on patient safety incidents, significantly improving the volume of incidents which can be analysed and root causes investigated, improving patient care and generating huge savings for the NHS; developing systems to enable the implementation of new measures to reduce air pollution in clean air zones; improving how childminders register with Ofsted; helping the Care Quality Commission move towards a risk-led inspection regime; managing and upgrading the National Police Coordination Centre’s system which tracks specialist resources so Forces can identify extra capacity when needed.


techUK: What does innovation in the public sector mean to you?

Seth: Having the vision, courage and determination to radically improve how a service is experienced by the user, whilst also achieving significant savings and improvements to management information for the client organisation in order to contribute to its continuous improvement.


techUK: What was your key pitch to the public sector GovTech leaders at the Innovation Den?

Seth: In order to effectively tackle barriers to Public Sector data sharing, it’s essential to first articulate: (1) what the specific and practical needs for data sharing are; and, (2) a holistic understanding of what the barriers to achieving these needs are across culture, policy, legislation, funding, security, processes and technology.  From our experience, past efforts to improve Government data sharing – such as e-GIF and xGEA – have not gained traction because they have focused on technology barriers only, which is only one part of the challenge; marginal gains across all of the above areas is needed to bring about real transformation in public sector data sharing.

Our pitch to the Innovation Den is to start this journey by conducting an Interoperability Discovery – a strategic review of data sharing needs, pain points and barriers that would conduct research with a senior business and technical stakeholders from across Government to assess options, build the case for change and propose a roadmap for moving forward.  We would draw on our global experience of conducting similar exercises, such as the recent Whole of Government Platform Interoperability Discovery for the Australian Digital Transformation Agency, to provide a way forward for the UK Government.


To see how you can be involved in developing innovative solutions like these, check out our current Opportunities, and our Graduate and Placement programmes.

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