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National Police Coordination Centre Optimizes Specialist Policing Resources Using Digital Technology

Working towards the Police Vision 2025, a digital transformation project has allowed seamless coordination of police mutual aid requests between 9 police regions and 46 police forces that will work to meet demand during large scale events, special operations and in times of national crisis.

The National Police Coordination Centre (NPoCC) has harnessed the power of Agile and DevOps to transform, improve and integrate existing business-critical resource platforms used by police forces and key stakeholders across the UK.

NPoCC uses the Mercury digital platform to manage and coordinate police mutual aid requests between 9 police regions and 46 police forces. The Mercury platform is being transformed into a National Police Data Hub that utilises enhanced data loading APIs, automated data validation, and analytical capabilities to allow police forces to better undertake strategic and tactical planning and reporting.

With enhanced data accuracy and reporting capability, this platform now allows immediate and accurate visibility of national police resources so that they can be efficiently and effectively mobilised during large scale events, special operations and in times of national crisis and emergency.

NPoCC is co-located with the Joint International Policing Hub (JIPH), which use the multi-agency IPAB platform to coordinate foreign police assistance proposals across 15 government organisations, including the Home Office, Foreign and Commonwealth Office, and the Ministry of Justice. Working together, the Mercury and IPAB platforms provide fast and secure access to operational and management information and reporting, and allow police forces to deliver services that are crucial to meeting policing need across the UK and abroad.

Assistant Chief Constable Owen Weatherill, National Mobilisation Co-ordinator comments: “UK policing is continuously faced with evolving threats and operational challenges. As such, our digital services must be able to quickly transform to support police operations. Working with digital transformation partner, Informed Solutions, we have enhanced the Mercury platform to better manage dynamic police resourcing across the country.

“Following a user-centric approach and applied Agile and DevOps delivery, we’re now able to continuously improve services in line with our evolving business needs, whilst providing better support to forces to help them respond effectively during periods of critical operational commitments”.

Seth Finegan, UK CEO at Informed Solutions adds: “In Partnership with NPoCC, we have helped enhance digital policing capability through its Mercury platform, which now delivers the improved data quality and accuracy that acts as a reliable source for key operational management information. Better data capture, validation and analysis helps NPoCC make informed decisions and enables dynamic resource sharing between forces in times of need”.

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