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Digital Transformation that Delivers Exceptional User Experience

What we offer

What We Offer

InformedCONSULT© manages complex customer interactions online and streamlines the processes supporting them.

By providing an intelligent digital channel, InformedCONSULT© reduces the cost of transactions and drives traffic online by providing an exceptional user experience.


Our Solutions

InformedCONSULT© solves your digital transformation challenges. It harmonises your operations; your mail room, call centre and online channel, creating a single integrated digital workflow.

In doing so, it improves business efficiency, enables a step change in customer experience and engagement, and reduces costs.

Market Leader v2

Market Leader

InformedCONSULT© is a market leader due to it's unique combination of open architecture, flexible IT platform and business change methods. 

Designed from the ground up to be secure, open and flexible, it epitomises business change and IT working in harmony, ensuring organisations can realise and evidence the benefits they expect. 


InformedCONSULT© is used by many leading government departments and private companies. 

It has been used to underpin secure, national, digital-by-default services for victims of violent crime, managing complex, secure multi-agency transactions as well as government bodies in England, Scotland and Wales to consult with local communities, driving digital democracy. 

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For further information please contact us. We look forward to hearing from you.

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