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What we offer

What we Offer

InformedKNOWLEDGE© offers you sustainable improvements in knowledge management across organisations, stakeholder communities and supply chains.

Our practical approach builds on existing skills and systems, harmonising them to improve the management and understanding of organisational knowledge.


Our Solutions

InformedKNOWLEDGE© mitigates vulnerabilities from gaps in your corporate knowledge base by identifying conflicts and facilitating targeted interventions.

It creates a competitive advantage by identifying, sharing and improving best practice,  enhancing the pace, quality and consistency of decision making.

Market Leader v2

Market Leader

InformedKNOWLEDGE© is a market leader because it has been shaped by 25 years of experience in knowledge management.

It is highly practical, proven, and has been refined through application. Combining sound engagement methods with innovative technology, it ties knowledge management and learning explicitly into critical processes. InformedKNOWLEDGE© makes knowledge management business as usual.


InformedKNOWLEDGE© is used by a range of organisations as a tool for competitive advantage within their sectors.

Oil and Gas majors use InformedKNOWLEDGE to identify and share exploration expertise and best practice globally, rolling out incremental refinements to business processes and tools at the touch of a button. It enables electricity companies and their regulators to share best practice and optimise processes. It also analyses local authority performance, policy interventions and 3rd sector activity for government.

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For further information please contact us. We look forward to hearing from you.

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