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What we offer

What we Offer

InformedINSIGHT© offers you a complete solution to the challenges of analytics and big data integration in the Cloud or on your own estate, including management, quality assurance and analysis, providing a definitive picture to inform your strategic decision-making. 

Handling the velocity, variety and volume associated with big data, it combines the best in web-based workflow, data analytics and GIS technology to improve how organisations manage, understand and use Big Data on a day-to-day basis.


Our Solutions

InformedINSIGHT© solves your enterprise-wide data management and analysis requirements, providing a complete and coherent understanding of your organisation’s data and corporate knowledge, regardless of how complex and disparate its sources may be.  

It will support and empower strategic decision-making by unlocking and demystifying underlying data from the multiple systems or silos in use, and can be securely hosted on the Cloud or on your own estate. 

Market Leader v2

Market Leader

InformedINSIGHT© is a market leader because it is proven in some of the world’s most complex and demanding environments.

With intuitive data capture, analysis and visualisation tools and open data standards that integrate with other best-of-breed platforms, InformedINSIGHT© is the market leading platform for Big Data integration, management, quality assurance and analysis.


InformedINSIGHT© is used by leading data rich organisations including Europe’s largest industrial nuclear site, where it replaced 7 legacy systems, managing 40 years of scientific land quality information to provide location intelligence and decision support for site decommissioning and remediation.


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