We understand how digital technology is being used to monitor, examine, and enhance progress towards critical environmental sustainability goals, the management and reduction of negative environmental impact through supply chains, and the enablement of circular economies through regenerative business practices.

We are proud to work across English, Scottish, and Australian Government to support the development of world class digital services, aligned with smart policy to deliver ambitious national transformation and change agendas to support environmental stewardship, net zero, natural resource sustainability, and the development of sustainable and resilient rural economies.

Land Management

With increased pressure on land resources combined with citizen and professional demand for digital land and planning services, our Queen’s Award-winning digital solutions deliver insights and decision support as well as the ability to consult more effectively with stakeholders.

Through InformedDECISION™, our unique AI powered land management and planning solution, we work to make land data easier to find, use, and trust, which leads to faster, better decisions and fewer uncertainties for planning and sustainable land asset management programmes.

With over 20 years of industry experience in developing digital land management solutions, our insight, innovation, and trusted expertise ensures our platforms and solutions help protect our environment, whilst guiding the sustainable management of land and property resources for both our people and our planet.

Clean Air Zone Sign

National Clean Air Zone Manager for England and Wales

Improving the UK’s air quality: Delivering the digital infrastructure, data unification and analysis to support Clean Air Zone policy aims. The design and development of a national system, which allows the service to be configured and delivered locally for city-region level Clean Air Zone deployment.

Transforming Sustainable Land Asset Management with AI

Transforming Sustainable Land Asset Management with AI

Co-designed with UK Government, an AI-powered digital support platform that manages sustainable land asset development, whilst protecting valuable areas of special interest in Scotland. The platform provides NatureScot with valuable insights by unifying digital data with hundreds of thousands of unstructured documents – placing insights at the fingertips of those managing land asset development and/or protection.

Scottish highland cottages

Scottish Government: Rural Payments and Inspections Division

As the strategic digital partner for RPID, Informed Solutions provides the expertise and digital support to help them mitigate risks associated with legacy technology, helping it build and expand its digital capability through skills transfer, and identifying new ways of working for future digital service delivery in support of Scottish rural agricultural policy.

The Crown Estate

The Crown Estate

Smart digital tools use advanced geospatial and data analytics to power the sustainable and responsible management of £41bn worth of assets, including the seabed around England, Wales, and Northern Ireland.

Sellafield Nuclear Reprocessing Plant


Sellafield's £40bn decommissioning programme uses InformedINSIGHT™, a smart data hub and Land Quality Management System, which is transforming Sellafield’s remediation and decommissioning of the nuclear site.

SEED - Sharing and enabling environmental datat

Sharing and Enabling Environmental Data (SEED)

In Australia, SEED (Sharing and Enabling Environmental Data) is a ground-breaking and multi award-winning service for environmental data sharing in New South Wales. An Australian first, Informed Solutions partnered with NSW Government to develop this whole-of-government platform - a NSW state-wide environmental data portal, which laid the foundations for greater transparency, improved data-driven insights, and decision-making on environmental and land management matters.

Registers of Scotland

Registers of Scotland (RoS)

RoS worked with Informed Solutions to establish a next generation Crofting Register covering 18,000 crofts and 900 areas of common land. Developed within a demanding, high profile Scottish Parliamentary deadline, the fully scalable digital register integrates cloud, Open-Source technologies, and Open Mapping Standards. It is widely recognised as an exemplar in the delivery of ‘Digital by Default’ public services - increasing government’s engagement with the public, whilst delivering a more efficient and cost-effective service.

Digitally Powered Sustainable Land Asset Management

Digitally Powered Sustainable Land Asset Management
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