Great Place To Work – Certified Aug 2022-Aug 2023 UK

Great Place to Work® is the global authority on workplace culture and leadership behaviours. Its Trust Index© survey is taken by millions of employees annually, with certification marking of outstanding employee experience and recognising organisations as definitive employers of choice.

The Trust Index© survey involves an analysis into the culture and practices of an organisation, categorising employee responses based on 28 key values that represent a great place to work. These values include collaboration, fairness, respect, camaraderie, honesty, integrity, competence, and leadership behaviour among others.

Read more about how we retained the certification for 2022-23 HERE.


How We Do

To become accredited, a 65% pass rate is required. In 2022 we received an average performance rating of 93%. Our impressive values scores included:
Community: Our people consider there is a sense of family and team
Fairness: Our People are treated equally
Camaraderie: Our people’s enjoyment of the workplace and collaboration culture
Innovation: Our people’s ability to adapt and innovate, leading to strong belief in the company’s future prosperity
Integrity: Consistent, high-principled standards across the company
Team: Our people’s pride in their teams and their accomplishments
Team Meeting

Why We Work at Informed

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