InformedSERVICE™ is a global 24×7 Service Management solution, underpinned by our one-stop service monitoring and improvement platform, PRISM. InformedSERVICE™ uses proven methodologies and tools to transform service delivery processes in ways that increase business performance, whilst reducing cost and risk.

We co-design and tailor the best configuration and level of support service with you and ensure it adapts quickly and cost efficiently to changes in your business. The result is a responsive and effective service management solution that uses the latest WebOps and DevOps techniques, combined with the robustness of proven ITIL structures to integrate and manage every facet of your digital service operation. The result is an end-to-end service management solution that is designed to proactively increase service availability, stability, resilience, security, user satisfaction, and productivity.

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InformedSERVICE™ provides the operational support and continual service improvement framework that underpins digital solutions across the telecommunications, civil defence, healthcare, sustainable environmental management, and energy sectors as well as central, local, and state government bodies in the UK and Australia.

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