InformedACADEMY© is a development programme that helps our clients build the skills, capability, and insights they will need to be successful in their roles and to stay ahead in a rapidly changing digital world. 

Its approach is rooted in the Company’s core values of delivering Innovation, Excellence, and Integrity in all we do; its mission is nothing short of helping people be the best they can be – great to work with, great to work for.

The Academy’s programme is designed to be inclusive and flexible, allowing the full diversity of clients’ teams to benefit from its courses and masterclasses.  Core courses that develop the fundamental skills of great team working are available to all, whilst specialist practitioner classes are tailored to suit specific career paths.

The approach is specifically designed to follow our principle of combining formal training and accreditation with on-the-job experience and service delivery, enabling our people, partners, and clients to build confidence, go further, grow faster, and deliver outstanding value.

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