InformedENGAGE™ is a 2018 Queen’s Award-winning digital experience platform designed specifically for complex transactions, making even your most complicated customer services an interactive and positive experience.

InformedENGAGE™ helps organisations transform and digitise their operations; from mail rooms to call centres and online channels, it creates a single, integrated digital customer experience workflow, and in doing so improves business efficiency, enables a step-change in the pace and effectiveness of customer engagement and dramatically reduces the costs associated with delivering service through legacy systems and technologies.

Trusted and Proven

InformedENGAGE™ manages the digital experiences of millions of people across the UK and Australia. It is used for a variety of digital experience services including; the underpinning of secure, national services for victims of violent crime, managing complex, secure multi-organisation transactions between health, social care and emergency services agencies; An enterprise-level platform for sustainable land asset management that has been developed and proven for international use through iterative innovation and successful commercialisation; Online consultation and engagement transformation – helping Government bodies in England, Scotland and Wales engage and consult with local communities.

Queens and WITSA Awards


Transforming Customer Engagement Through World-Class Digital Experiences

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