InformedDECISION© is a first-of-its-kind Artificial Intelligence (AI)-based digital land asset management platform that will revolutionise the way planners manage protected and environmentally sensitive land.

Built using InformedTRANSFORM© our 2022 Queen’s Award for Innovation Winning digital business change service, InformedDECISION© is an innovative cloud-based solution that streamlines planning workflows to enhance the user experience, enabling decision makers to process a higher volume of applications through AI-based searching of integrated enterprise data.

InformedDECISION© integrates existing data sources and planning systems including case management, document management and GIS, combining AI-based search technology with sophisticated data integration techniques to transform how planning authorities work with landowners, estate managers, and property developers.

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Digitally Powered Sustainable Land Asset Management

Digitally Powered Sustainable Land Asset Management

InformedDECISION© AI-based planning and land management platform – Civtech Alliance Profile

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