InformedDECISION™ is a first-of-its-kind Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Natural Language Processing (NLP) platform that allows organisations to make better, faster, more informed decisions.

Designed using our 2022 Queen’s Award for Innovation Winning digital business change service, InformedDECISION™ is an innovative cloud-based solution that enables decision makers to categorise and extract meaning from large, distributed and unstructured data sources, in real time, identifying anomalies, similarities, and other patterns to support and enhance complex decision making.

By indexing and linking data from existing case management, document management, GIS, and other enterprise systems using AI-based feature extraction and an innovative data integration algorithm, it transforms how organisations can organise, view, analyse, and interpret their data to make better decisions.

A key strength of InformedDECISION™ is its ability to unify and extract value from existing data sources without the need to upgrade underlying systems or take a copy of the data. This approach avoids disrupting existing workflows, minimises the impact on existing infrastructure, and ensures that the benefits are realised quickly.

An InformedDECISION™ powered digital land asset management platform is already revolutionising the way planners and land owners manage protected and environmentally sensitive land – transforming how planning authorities work with landowners, estate managers, and property developers.

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Digitally Powered Sustainable Land Asset Management

Digitally Powered Sustainable Land Asset Management

InformedDECISION™ AI-based planning and land management platform – Civtech Alliance Profile

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