For 30 years we’ve been helping clients innovate and achieve transformational business results by leveraging the Queen’s Award-winning methods, tools, and techniques of our InformedTRANSFORM™ digital business change framework.

We have earned an unrivalled reputation for the depth and competence of our expertise, proven methods of accelerating and de-risking innovation, and successfully delivering transformational solutions through collaborative partnering.

Our strategies and advice are rooted in practicality and achieving results, and we consistently deliver measurable outcomes for clients.

Our people are strategic thinkers, ideas shapers, problem solvers, solutions architects, practice experts and leading specialists.  We can help you achieve the business transformation outcomes that you need; maximise your return on investment, improve operational performance, reduce costs, and maintain your advantage in an increasingly challenging business landscape.

Trusted and Proven

Informed’s consulting approach has underpinned successful design and delivery of award-winning digital solutions for organisations operating in civil defence, healthcare, sustainable environmental management, and energy sectors as well as central, local, and state government bodies in the UK and Australia

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Queens and WITSA Awards
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Cloud Solutions

As an early adopter of cloud technology, Informed Solutions has developed deep expertise and a track record of success helping our public and private sector clients make the most of Cloud technologies, navigating and deploying the ever-growing range of scalable capabilities to provide award-winning results.


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