Digital, technology and data are driving a transport revolution, with innovations in vehicle automation, electrification, mobility as a service, and artificial intelligence transforming how we move.

These advances in transport technology and infrastructure creates huge opportunities to make the future of mobility safer, cleaner, faster, and smarter, improving all our lives in the process.

We are proud to be delivering digital transformation that underpins some of the UKs flagship transport policies.  Our world class and multi award-winning expertise in digital service delivery, artificial intelligence, data analytics, and data sharing make us ideally positioned to help public and private sector organisations deliver on their strategies for transforming how people, goods and services move.


DfT: Zero Emission Vehicle (ZEV) Mandate Digital System

Informed Solutions is working with DfT to deliver the ZEV Mandate Digital Service – a national service that DfT and vehicle manufacturers will use to evidence compliance with Vehicle Emissions Trading Schemes – the world’s most ambitious set of legally binding transport decarbonisation targets. The schemes will support the UK’s efforts to decarbonise road transport in line with net zero legislation and play a fundamental role in ending the UK’s contribution to climate change by 2050.


DfT: Digital Traffic Regulation Order Service Alpha Phase

Informed Solutions has worked with DfT to design and prototype the D-TRO service. A digital platform that DfT, Traffic Authorities and transport service providers (for example, satellite navigation providers) will use to digitally share TRO data – the legal orders that set and enforce the ‘rules of the road’ (speed limits, parking bays and restrictions, and loading restrictions etc). The service will play a key role in enabling self-driving vehicles as envisioned by the Automated Vehicles Bill 2023.

Clean Air Zone Sign

DfT and Defra: Drive in a Clean Air Zone Service

Informed Solutions continues to work with DfT, Defra and DVLA to deliver the GOV.UK Drive in a Clean Air Zone service – the national digital service that underpins Clean Air Zones in seven major cities and plays a key role in delivering the UKs air quality objectives. The service won the Digital Leaders COP26 Award for Best Environmental Solution.

Transport Royal Mail

Royal Mail: First and Final Mile Optimisation Service

Informed Solutions has worked with Royal Mail to deliver the Final Mile Optimisation service – the service uses best-in-class spatial technology and enable real-time planning of collections and deliveries for 30 million addresses daily.

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