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What we offer

What We Offer

InformedRESPONSE© is a complete solution for major incident planning, response, and recovery.

It combines the very best in web based collaboration, data analytics and GIS technology to improve how organisations make decisions, take action, work together and learn when dealing with major incidents, accidents and emergencies.


Our Solutions

InformedRESPONSE© solves your major incident planning, response and recovery challenges by integrating complex data into a ‘big picture’ overview of an incident or emergency. 

InformedRESPONSE© captures knowledge and information, converts it into actionable intelligence, and then shares it with responsible agencies, partners, and the public to inform future response strategies.

Market Leader v2

Market Leader

InformedRESPONSE© is a market leader because Informed Solutions has a 20 year pedigree of developing incident planning and response solutions for the most demanding operational environments.

Our solutions are unique in allowing stakeholders to collaboratively develop, test, execute and continually improve incident response plans using location intelligence and the visualisation power of GIS.


InformedRESPONSE© is used by leading incident and emergency response organisations. It helps fire and rescue services to develop risk and response strategies; supports police authorities in informing strategic planning and operational intelligence, and underpins contingency and remediation plans for nuclear sites.

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