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Configurable service management and continuous improvement for your digital services.

What we offer

What We offer

We offer you a service management architecture that is tailored to provide the type and level of support your operations require and that adapts easily to any changes within your business.

We continually invest in upskilling our people, so you can be confident about the standard of advice and professionalism.  InformedSERVICE© is a global 24/7 Service Integration and Management solution underpinned by our PRISM platform which is secure, fully configurable, elastic and scales globally.  Whatever your support or service management needs, we can deliver these seamlessly on a modern digital platform.


Our Solutions

We work with you to co-design the best type and level of support service and ensure that it adapts quickly and cost efficiently to changes in your business environment. 

Our experts help you deliver a responsive and control effective service management solution, using the latest WebOps, DevOps and WebChat techniques where required. InformedSERVICE© is supported by highly trained, expert teams that understand the need to adapt to evolving business and user needs and shifting priorities.  The platform incorporates advanced monitoring and analytics tools to gather metrics and insights.  This information can help inform decision making, automate processes and prioritise service improvements.

Trusted Partners

Trusted Partner

InformedSERVICE© is underpinned by leading methods and a thoroughly modern digital platform but the standards of expertise and professionalism are shaped by our 25 years’ experience of providing highly responsive business and technical support.

We use a proven, scalable and tailorable service architecture that integrates seamlessly into your business environment and any open standards based tools that you may wish to use.


Our clients include government departments, national agencies and global private sector corporates.  

InformedSERVICE© provides the operational support and continual service improvement framework that underpins digital solutions across the telecommunications, emergency services, energy, health and central and state government bodies.

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