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We only Partner with the very best

Our alliance partners are well regarded organisations that share our values and principles. We greatly value the contribution our partners have made in building our outstanding reputation over the past 25 years. We continue to look for organisations we can do more great things with. 

Our goal is to create a sustainable professional ecosystem with our Alliance Partners which delivers:

  • Reliable solutions and services
  • High performance and meaningful value
  • A transparent operating environment
  • Honest, respectful treatment and a fair and equitable return to all parties
  • Independent and objective reporting of potential conflicts

Great Alliances

Over the last 25 years, our valued alliance partners have made a significant contribution to our achievements.

Our Alliance Partners must share our values of integrity mutual respect, and reciprocity, in addition to being experts in their own fields.


Our Commitment

Where we are Prime Contractor or Consortium Lead,  we commit to conducting ourselves in a highly professional and ethical manner at all times.

We expect the same from our Alliance Partners and our Professional Alliance Charter outlines the principles on which we engage as a Prime Contractor and Consortium Lead. 


Our 12 Key principles

Our principles are fully compliant with the best-practice outlined in the ISO11000 standard for Collaborative Business Relationships. 

You can view the 12 Key Principles to which we hold ourselves below.

Professional Alliance Charter

The 12 Principles of our Professional Alliance Charter


We will behave in ways that engender trust and respect and will make honest endeavours to do the right thing.  The right thing is not always the easy thing and certainly not 'all things to all parties'.


We will give our best in all undertakings.


We are committed to doing business in an open, fair and reasonable manner at all times, even where the issue or message is challenging or unwelcome.


Where there are established, appropriate and high functioning relationships between the alliance partner and the client on an engagement, we will respect these and will not engage in communications that undermine our alliance partner.


We will not participate in alliances that conflict with our commercial position or professional or ethical values.


Where there is a conflict of professional or commercial interests, this will be communicated as soon as it becomes evident, and explained in clear and unambiguous terms, so that no alliance partner feels deceived or misled into divulging commercial in confidence information/materials which may represent their competitive advantage


We will only partner where Informed adds meaningful value to the client engagement, and we will never act purely as an administrative channel for 3rd parties


We value our independent status and consequently will not accept royalties or margin from our alliance partners' products.


We only accept assignments for which we are properly qualified, experience and adequately resourced to perform


We will architect solutions and services in a manner that is appropriate to the client's needs, whilst being equitable and sustainable.


We will genuinely endeavour to ensure that any due diligence and risk, performance or value management functions (or similar) that we may need to undertake do not represent an unreasonable burden on our alliance partners.


We enter into all client engagements on the clear understanding that we have a duty of care to our clients, and that we are professionally committed to protecting our clients’ interests and reputations first and foremost.

Contact Us

For further information please contact us. We look forward to hearing from you.

Contact Us
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