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Informed Stories: Helen Craven, Programme and Project Office

"I was impressed by the importance and focus the company places on developing talent. "

During the summer between first and second year of study, I completed an internship at Informed Solutions within the Programme and Project Office team.

I was impressed by the importance and focus the company places on developing talent. The three values of Innovation, Excellence and Integrity was a drawing point to me whilst looking for a placement opportunity, these values align with my own. What also interested me was the opportunity and flexibility of movement throughout the different service groups during my placement. From day one, I have been working on client projects, with real responsibility to deliver high quality work. I’m immersed within the Informed team, so I have had the pleasure of witnessing a culture which fosters positive teamwork for collective achievement and growth.

My mentors are encouraging and supportive, but allow room for initiative and independence, so I am able to making meaningful and inventiveness contributions to the projects that I have worked on. I was able to experience first-hand working in an Agile and Scrum environment whilst learning and applying the theory into practice. The opportunity for growing my soft skills has been a consistent factor throughout my time at Informed and was exactly what I was looking for in my placement.

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