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Informed Stories: Michael Power, Managing Consultant

"I continue to receive the support from all my colleagues, from the newest Graduate to our Global CEO. Everyone at Informed has a role to play in ensuring our continued shared success and to help deliver innovative solutions to our clients".

My Informed career started when I joined a growing UK business. Since joining informed I have been given opportunities to take on more responsibility and further progress my career.  

When I made the decision to leave my role in a large multination organisation I was looking for a new challenge. I took my time to find a company where my values and ethics were aligned, and I am very pleased I chose Informed.

The interview process was relaxed, open and gave me the opportunity to demonstrate my best capabilities. I was instantly impressed with the team I met was able to explore those areas where I might need support to adjust to life in a fast paced consultancy business.

I often get asked what a normal day is like in Informed and in all honesty every day is different. The last five years have been a whirlwind, working across multiple high profile clients and projects, as well as developing internal areas of the business. This keeps things interesting, positively challenging and rewarding.

I was given the opportunity to join the UK operations management team working alongside a peer network of senior leaders in the business and subsequently given the opportunity to support our colleagues in Australia. I am now based in Sydney helping grow our Australian business, developing a local culture true to Informed’s principles and designed to ensure success in a new market.

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