Informed Solutions has earned a glowing global reputation for developing and delivering world class digital solutions that solve complex problems and in doing so help make our world a smarter, safer, healthier, and cleaner place to live and work.

Our technical expertise and innovation have been recognised through prestigious world-renowned accolades, including two Queen’s Awards for Innovation for our ability to accelerate and de-risk digital business change and most recently a Gold and Silver Award at the World Innovation Technology and Services Alliance (WITSA) Global Innovation and Technology Excellence Awards in October 2023 for digital services that manage national clean air zones and patient safety programmes.

Once any of our services and platforms we develop become live in operational use our clients rightly expect there to be simple, effective, and efficient means to keeping those services available 24×7 through robust and sustainable Live Service Operations support. These goalposts aren’t static. We know that in a rapidly adapting and evolving digital landscape, end user needs and expectations also change. Meeting and exceeding these expectations, requires us to continually invest and innovate to ensure we are not just keeping the lights on but that we are delivering improved services to end-users.

To this end, InformedSERVICE™ Service Management Architecture has been designed to give our customers guaranteed, flexible, and scalable support delivered by highly experienced and capable practitioners who use proven methodologies and tools to transform service delivery processes in ways that increase business performance and reduce costs.

At the heart of InformedSERVICE™ lies Informed’s global 24/7 PRISM Service Management platform. To ensure we continue to enhance and scale our service offering we continue to invest in digital innovation that strengthens this platform and ensures that both our clients and our own Live Service Operation teams have the most up-to-date, best-in-class service tools at their disposal with 24/7/365 access and availability.

Informed’s latest PRISM release boasts seven ITIL-certified processes, which enables us to provide seamless, immediate, end-to-end Live Operations Support for all enterprise services and solutions. It is available to every client and offers a range of benefits, including:

  • A refreshed, and streamlined user experience for interacting with the Informed Service Desk
  • Seamless, automated integration with agile Scrum and Kanban working practices to help enable DevOps delivery teams troubleshoot and resolve issues at greater speed and efficiency
  • Simplified access to online knowledge for effective self-help and challenge resolution
  • Mobile app integration, which allow clients to raise, view, and update calls whenever and wherever they are
  • 24/7 on-call support now with text and call alerting
  • Seamless, open standards-based integration with our clients’ Service Management tools and other business support systems.

These enhancements have been made as a result of extensive consultation and collaboration with our clients and service teams. The PRISM platform enables Informed service teams to deliver increasingly improved customer service, ensuring seamless communication through integrated and automated e-mail responses and Online Service Portals that enable us to develop solutions for partners and end-users in complex environments.

Sebastian Uhlig, Managing Consultant, Informed Solutions, comments: “Our global, robust, and remotely accessible PRISM platform has equipped our clients with an easy-to-use reporting and monitoring tool to ensure their services can rapidly respond to changing needs, requirements, and threats. As a result of our investment and the enhancements to the PRISM Service Management platform, we are able to embrace ever more collaborative relationship with our clients and ensure that we are able to navigate future innovation and a fast-changing technology landscape with them with real confidence.”