On Sunday May 1st Informed Solutions’ UK team started its attempt to travel the equivalent 13,706-mile distance between its Sydney and Altrincham headquarters in support of local mental health charity, Manchester Mind.

Informed’s 2022 effort will complete a complete circuit of the globe, following its 10,562-mile journey from Altrincham to Sydney in 2021, with the return leg adding a further 13,706 miles leading to journey end in Altrincham before the end of May this year.

This month-long effort coincides with the company’s support for the 2022 National Mental Health Awareness Week, which runs from Monday 9th May to Sunday 15th May. The theme for this year’s week is loneliness and its effect on our mental health and how we can all play a part in reducing loneliness in our communities.

Informed’s efforts will bring together two central elements of its solutions mission and values; health and wellbeing, and inclusion and a sense of community and belonging for its people, partners, and the communities where they operate and live.

During the month of May, this timed race across the globe will be covered by teams of walkers, runners, cyclists, and rowers with progress being tracked as Informed attempts to raise much needed funds for mental health awareness and support – an issue facing one in every four people in the UK each year.

Informed Solutions UK CEO Seth Finegan comments: “Our purpose is underlined by action and reflected in how we go about our work, the type of work that we choose to do, and through contributing to the sustainable social, healthcare, environmental, and economic development aims of the communities that we are part of”.

“Our people, culture, and behaviour are the cornerstones around which we continue to build an exciting, successful, and supportive environment. As a certified Great Place to Work® we believe that putting people first and providing the freedom for everyone to contribute in the best way that they can are vital ingredients of a healthy, happy, and fulfilling workplace.

“With this year’s theme being loneliness, we would like to dedicate our effort in May to the health and wellbeing for our people and local communities, which has assumed critical importance, especially in light of the challenges we have all endured over the two years. We urge our partners and local communities to get involved in the support of our people and Manchester Mind through May and beyond”.

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