Elizabeth Vega OBE, Informed Solutions Group CEO, is delighted and privileged to join the Prime Minister’s 2024 Business Council and to be invited to work with Government to help shape progressive, ambitious, and dynamic policy that promotes, energises, and sustains growth and productivity across the breath of the UK’s city-region economies, leveraging the strengths and potential of SMEs and scale-up businesses.

Elizabeth comments: “The UK needs a pipeline of great businesses.  Businesses that challenge the existing marketplace and make it more diverse, competitive, resilient, and productive. Businesses that are aspirational, with a growth mindset, and that contribute economically through high-value job creation, commercialising innovative products and services, and increasing international trade.

“If we can shape great policy that builds great businesses, then we can also shape an economy that encourages and incentivises UK entrepreneurs, SMEs, and scale-up companies to build the successful mid-sized, large businesses and exporters of the future. Great policy that encourages SMEs to invest and grow will create skilled employment opportunities across local communities; businesses that more willingly adopt technology will increase the UK’s competitiveness, productivity, and resilience, and businesses that come together in hubs and clutters will build stronger more competitive industries. Great businesses also effectively support and give back to the communities from which they grow.

“The UK has the fortune of having an outstanding stable of home-grown innovative and ambitious start-up companies. Our national and regional economies, our communities and our future would greatly benefit from building a pipeline of great businesses, encouraging them to innovate, grow, and become exporters.

“Of course, the UK wants and encourages unicorns. Equally, we need to build strong economic foundations and sustainable growth that encourages entrepreneurs and scale-up businesses to fill the ‘missing middle’ in our economy”.

Elizabeth’s ambition as a member of the Business Council is that Government creates progressive policy that encourages, incentivises, celebrates, and rewards the success of all great UK businesses – start-up, scale-up, small, medium, and large.