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  • Investing in the Next Generation
  • A placement built for you
  • What can you expect from us?

Investing in the Next Generation

Informed Solutions is committed to investing in the next generation of digital skills.

We've been running our Placement Programme with leading universities for over 10 years, offering structured year-long and summer placements which allow people to experience at first hand, working in dynamic digital consultancy.  

Our programme has been developed to provide students with an exciting, meaningful placement, working on projects that they can be proud of.  High performing students frequently leave us with an offer of employment once they've finished their degree, and the opportunity to fast-track through our Graduate Programme when they rejoin.

What to Expect

Each placement is tailored to your individual skills and previous experiences, as well as your personal goals for the year.  

We want you to be genuinely excited about what you're doing, and make a valued contribution to the team. We know from experience that variety is a key part of a great placement experience, and we will work with you throughout your placement to get you involved with different project teams and technologies.  

As well as developing your technical skills, we will also help you develop your complementary soft-skills (including planning, teamworking, leadership and communication) during your time with us.

We also understand that you want to enjoy you placement year outside of work, and we have a vibrant placement community with frequent social events, as well as offices near city-centre locations. 

What can you expect from us?

Our Placement Programme provides students with:

  • A tailored induction plan, providing variety, challenge and an opportunity to make a difference on real world projects
  • Structured coaching and development, with frequent feedback throughout the placement
  • A buddy to help you find your feet
  • An active placement student community with regular social events, based in a vibrant city

Our placement students leave with an excellent understanding of project management, planning, technical skills and how to work as part of a professional organisation. They also regularly comment on what a great time they have had, and what a valuable experience their placement has been.


Don't Take our Word for it

What our Placement Students Say



Computer Science

University of York

I was always looking for something different when choosing my placement and Informed Solutions stood out from other companies for me. I was looking for a placement in which I would really be able to develop my soft skills as well as my technical skills and I have definitely found this at Informed. The soft skills I have gained so far in my placement are really valuable and I don’t think people always realise how important these skills are for potential software developers.

Since starting at Informed I have gained great exposure in the world of professional services and I have been welcomed and made to feel like a regular member of staff here rather than a placement student.  From a technical skills perspective, I have also been exposed to a range of coding languages that I had not used before joining and the support I have received has been fantastic.

I have been immersed in many different tasks including client and internal projects which have provided real world, team working experience and I have been able to practice and build upon many of the skills I acquired at university. I have now been given the responsibility of my own internal business improvement initiative to complete alongside my day-to-day activities and which adds a refreshing challenge.



Computer Science

University of York

Since being at Informed Solutions I have substantially developed my professional and communication skills. There have been a great number of new things to adapt to including starting to build a professional network and even adjusting to the company attire.

I have been heavily involved in database and back-end development work and this is something I haven’t worked on before, the level of responsibility handed to me has been really encouraging. I have enjoyed being given the challenge to go off and try to solve problems on my own. The support network here is great and I know that if I am really struggling with something, there will be someone available to point me in the right direction



Information Technology Management for Business

University of Manchester

Informed is a very special place to work, there are not many companies in which you will get the interaction with senior management as you do here at Informed. Although everyone is extremely hard working, the culture here is fantastic and the people are really friendly. Hard work is recognised and appreciated and you do not get lost in the pipeline as you maybe would in larger organisations.

I have been able to get involved in real life interesting projects and fulfilling work. If you have goals you want to achieve on your placement they will try their best to accommodate these as long as you are willing to put the work in.




University of Leeds

I have really enjoyed my time so far at Informed Solutions.  I don’t come from a particularly technical background, yet I have still been able to get involved in a variety of projects. During my first 2 months I have been trusted to work on important projects and given a lot of responsibility.

Informed has a great culture, everyone is really driven and you can tell they really enjoy their work. I am learning new things every day and the support system is fantastic, everyone is willing to help. Don’t be put off if you don’t have a computer science background, there are so many different sides to the company



Computer Science

University of York

Working at Informed Solutions has really helped develop my time management skills, and I have learnt how to prioritise my work effectively to meet deadlines. My involvement in projects has led to me really understanding the full flow of a project from start to finish and I have been able to pick up key project management skills.  I have had to make sure project work is completed on time and that all relevant stakeholders are happy with the quality of this work.

Having never worked in a consultancy company before I have seen first-hand how the company deal with clients daily and the amount of communication involved in keeping clients engaged and projects on track. The variety of tasks I have been able to get involved in since starting and the amount of different people that I have been able to work with are definitely my favourite things about working at Informed. There is a very driven culture and that combined with the personality of the employees makes it enjoyable to work here.




University of Leeds

The Informed Solutions placement programme provides students with the opportunity to be immersed in the wold of work, gain invaluable work experience and become a truly valued member of the Informed team. We take pride in developing, investing and upskilling our students and often reward high achievers with graduate job roles.



Information Technology Management for Business

University of Lancaster

I’ve been really impressed with the importance everyone attaches to innovation, excellence and integrity. These values match mine and this is one of the many reasons that the company is a perfect fit for me. I loved my Placement Associateship, where I worked as a valued member of the team - ultimately, this is why I wanted to come back.

On a day-to-day basis I’m now involved in hugely varied work, from maintaining and enhancing systems for all our highly-valued clients, to applying DevOps principles and supporting the delivery of projects.



Computer Science and Philosophy

University of York

My time here was everything that I was looking for out of my placement. I have truly felt that my experience has been more informative than my first 2 years of university, building on both my technical and soft skills. It was fantastic knowing that everyone was so welcoming when I joined and throughout my placement.  I felt no different from regular members of staff.

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