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Social Value

Our purpose is to create economic and social value by helping build a more inclusive, fair and safe society through the ethical use of technology and data and investing in digital skills for the future.  

This purpose is reflected in how we go about our work, and the work that we choose to do.  Informed Solutions is exceptionally passionate about and well placed to make a lasting, meaningful contribution in the following areas:

  • Tech for Good
  • Diversity in Tech
  • Investing in Digital Skills
  • Causes close to our heart

Tech for Good

Our people are motivated by working on projects that make a positive difference to the world around us and we are strong advocates for the ethical use of technology and data.


Our teams are actively working on leading digital projects across healthcare, policing, energy, transport, environment and digital democracy.  On each assignment, our people take pride in knowing that their efforts and talents are making a tangible positive improvement to citizens' lives.  Current examples of our work include:

  • Applying AI techniques to help reduce harm and improve patient outcomes across the health sector
  • Working with blue light services across the UK to help better manage the allocation of critical resources, supporting incident preparedness and response
  • Using technology to help digitally transform and modernise regulation in the nuclear sector

Diversity in Tech

We strive for multi-disciplinary, multi-cultural and gender equal teams, helping enshrine diversity in the tech sector and providing a stimulating, high performing and welcoming environment for our people.

Diversity Delivers Infographic

Only 17 per cent of employees in the UK tech sector are women.  Over a quarter of female students say they’ve been put off by a career in tech.  In Manchester, our UK headquarters, over half of all businesses surveyed by the Manchester Digital annual skills audit responded that their tech teams are exclusively male.  We need more than rousing campaigns, inspirational hashtags and rational argument to close the gender diversity gap in tech.

We need committed leaders that lead by example and personally oversee a workplace culture that enshrines equality, respect and inclusiveness across the organisation. We need more credible female and male role models that authentically champion these values.  And we need more early interventions to make sure girls’ career choices aren’t restricted, even before they realise they have options.

Led by our Group Chief Executive, Elizabeth Vega, we champion greater gender equality in the technology sector:

  • More than a quarter of our staff is female, which compares favourably to the industry average of just 17%
  • As a result of this, and our welcoming and diverse environment, we're proud that 40% of our graduate recruits in 2018/19 were female, demonstrating our commitment to providing a route into technology and consulting for women
  • We visit schools to encourage more young women into leadership careers in technology to achieve a more balanced workforce which includes the best talent, irrespective of gender
  • We sponsor one of the UK’s largest diversity awards – Information Age’s Women in IT Awards – and are active members of groups such as Northern Power Women and the Next Generation mentoring programme

Investing in Digital Skills

We are passionate about playing our part in addressing the digital skills shortage.  Digital skills are highly desirable, and by investing in them, we are directly contributing to people's employability and social mobility.  We want to ensure that our sector benefits from genuine diversity in terms of people's backgrounds and cultures.  This is reflected in our outreach programme, our long-term commitment to graduate development, and our world-class InformedACADEMY© Programme.

TeenTech - body1.png

We are helping to close the skills gap in digital and wider Science, Technology, Engineering & Maths (STEM) disciplines by inspiring young people to consider careers in technology and through our long-term commitment to graduate recruitment and development.  Our investment in digital skills is designed to be 'end-to-end', from engaging with schools to open students' eyes to the opportunities offered by careers in technology, to working with Universities in shaping courses and offering placements, and continuing to invest in developing people's digital skills throughout their careers.  Our work includes:

  • Contributing to careers events at local schools and taking part in initiatives such as TeenTech, where our energetic and committed staff help inspire young people to consider careers in technology and IT.  We work with schools that sometimes don't have the resources to teach these skills, complementing and supplementing their work with coding clubs and expert outreach
  • Working with Universities (including Edinburgh, UCL, York, Manchester, Lancaster, Nottingham, University of New South Wales, and the Australian National University) to help improve the relevance of courses and help students become more work-ready.  We're part of a community that creates positive ambition and opportunities for young people through initiatives including guest lectures, sponsoring awards, offering year-long student placements, mock interviews, CV surgeries and open days where we can teach important complementary skills such as teamworking
  • Continuing to invest heavily in our excellently regarded placement and graduate programmes - in 2018/19 these made up approximately 20% of our headcount, and the vast majority of our senior and lead positions are filled by people that have progressed through our graduate scheme
  • Continually investing in and improving our InformedACADEMY© programme - helping to fast-track the personal and professional development of future digital leaders by building their confidence, competence and skills and helping them explore different aspects of IT and digital so they can find and play to their particular strengths

“Informed Solutions has been a strong supporter of our M.Sc. course for many years.  They provide an external industry perspective which is invaluable to our students.”  - Bruce Gittings, Director of GIS at the University of Edinburgh.

Causes close to our heart

We have long standing relationships with charities and causes that are close to our hearts, and we support our staff (matching what they raise pound-for-pound) in their own charitable work.

Informed Solutions staff who took part in Mapathon.jpg

We encourage our staff to engage with charities which mean something to them, and actively support them in making a difference.  Recent examples of our work for Charity include:

  • The work of Richard Phillips, one of our Lead Consultants, with MapAction, using geospatial technology and data to provide life-changing rapid relief, support and coordination in response to natural disasters and humanitarian crises
  • The work of our Geospatial Community of Practice, which recently held a mapathon, mapping houses in the district of Moissala in Chad to help Médecins Sans Frontières with a maternal and child health support project
  • Office-wide Mario Kart tournaments to raise money for Everyone Can, a Manchester-based charity that uses training and assistive technology to help disabled people speak, live independently, control their environment and have fun
  • A sponsored 100-mile bike ride (following in the steps of the Olympic road race) by one of our graduates, Tom Stokes, in support of WaterAid, who's amazing work helps to make clean water, decent toilets and good hygiene a normal part of daily life for everyone

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