Informed Solutions and NHS England’s National Patient Safety Team have been presented with A Global Runner-Up Award for Innovative Health Solutions at the 2023 World Information Technology and Services Alliance (WITSA) Global Innovation and Technology Excellence Awards for the development of the new Learn From Patient Safety Events (LFPSE) service.  

The award recognises how the NHS is using innovation to introduce the new national LFPSE system to support the NHS in England to analyse and learn from patient safety events recorded by healthcare staff and patients.

The Global ICT Excellence Awards is unique in that nominations are made by the national and regional WITSA ICT industry associations from over 80 countries. With unparalleled insight, the most innovative and impactful solutions are brought before an independent panel of judges, consisting of select industry leaders and luminaries from key international organizations, corporations, and government entities.

The Innovative Health Solutions Award recognizes remarkable and successful efforts at using digital technology to keep citizens healthy.

Recording patient safety events, whether they result in harm or not, provides vital insight into what can go wrong in healthcare and the reasons why. The NHS uses this data to support continuous improvement around patient safety, and to identify new and under-recognised risks, so action can be taken to keep patients safe.

The LFPSE service is harnessing artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), and data-driven insights to support patient safety learning and improvement, and with a significant focus on user-centred design, support a positive safety culture.

Informed Solutions UK CEO Seth Finegan comments: “We are so proud that our work with NHS England has been recognised for global innovation. We are privileged to be helping the NHS continue to break new ground through the application of novel data science techniques that are helping healthcare organisations to learn from patient safety events in order to keep patients safe.”

Matthew Fogarty, Deputy Director of Patient Safety, NHS England, said: “We are delighted that the hard work that people have put in across the NHS to implement LFPSE is being recognised.

“LFPSE creates a single national NHS system for recording patient safety events, and is a major upgrade to our predecessor system, which received over 2.5 million records of patient safety events each year.

“Through technology, such as machine learning, LFPSE vastly improves our capabilities to analyse this huge wealth of data, supporting the identification of risks and creating outputs that offer a greater depth of insight for learning and improvement. This will significantly help us in our national work to keep patients safe, as well as providing improved insight to individual healthcare organisations to support local improvement work.”